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Download your Health Passport

Download the Introduction to the Health Passport (PDF, 84Kb)

Download your Health Passport here. (PDF, 340Kb). 

Download your Health Passport (with pictures) here. (PDF, 1.9Mb)

If you would prefer to fill your passport out before you print, download your Health Passport as a Word document here. (5985Kb)

If you have printed the Health Passport in black and white, you may like to download the cover (jpeg, 151Kb) in colour. With this cover attached, your Health Passport is easy to see and less likely to get lost when you take it to hospital.

There is also a Guide to help you complete your Passport, and an easy read version of the Guide.

Download your Guide.   (PDF, 503Kb) 
Download your Guide. (Docx, 58Kb)

Download your easy read Guide (PDF, 540Kb)
Download your easy read Guide (Docx, 1380Kb)


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