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Case No.DescriptionDate
99HDC10975General Practitioner
Death by cardiac arrest following transfer of care.
27 Jun 2000
99HDC09011Hospital (Public)
Lack of informed consent for testing and storage of baby’s blood sample.
04 Aug 2000
Care of woman prior to childbirth.
27 Jan 2000
99HDC02569Orthopaedic Surgeon
Manner during consultation.
27 Jun 2000
99HDC02269Ambulance Service/Emergency Department
Missed diagnosis of toxic shock syndrome in patient with acute back pain.
12 Jul 2000
99HDC01986General Practitioner/Pharmacist/Pharmacy
Inappropriate prescription of codeine linctus; failure to refer infant to hospital.
31 Oct 2000
99HDC01345Counsellor/Hospital (Public)
Pregnancy counselling of 14-year-old girl.
29 Jun 2000
99HDC00541Plastic Surgeon
Complications resulting from eyelid surgery.
06 Feb 2000
Care of woman in labour.
17 Jan 2000
98HDC21016Hospital (Public)/Medical Specialist
Care of patient and communication with family.
22 Jun 2000
Management of care of a baby born to an infectious hepatitis B carrier.
10 Nov 2000
98HDC17933Crown Health Enterprise/Midwife/Obstetrician
Care of woman during pregnancy and during labour.
16 Aug 2000
Tooth implantation.
11 Feb 2000
98HDC17069Hospital (Public)
Death of infant following administration of charcoal solution in Emergency Department.
28 Sep 2000
Inappropriate therapeutic/business relationship.
09 Oct 2000
98HDC16189Medical Centre/Nurse
Incorrect dose of emergency contraception.
30 Jun 2000
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Orthopaedic Surgeon
Lack of record-keeping in management of fracture during hip surgery.
18 Apr 2000
98HDC15902Oncology Registrar/Oncologist
Overdose of radiotherapy for treatment for cancer of the oesophagus.
12 Jul 2000
98HDC15375Hospital (Private)/Nurse
Administering medications to agitated consumer.
01 Aug 2000
98HDC15374Ambulance Service/Hospital (Public)
Communication between Emergency Department and Ambulance Service; medical back-up.
18 May 2000
98HDC15056Anaesthetist/Hospital (Public)
Issues of informed consent in relation to anaesthesia.
03 Aug 2000
Care prior to and during labour.
04 Dec 2000
98HDC14193Massage Therapist
Care provided by massage therapist.
07 Jan 2000
Provision of outcome of test results and x-rays.
04 Feb 2000
Informed consent prior to spinal surgery.
06 Dec 2000
98HDC12437General Practitioner/Counsellor
Care of woman seeking termination of pregnancy.
23 Feb 2000
Lack of information about vascular surgery.
29 Sep 2000
97HDC9902General Surgeon/Surgical Registrar
Laparotomy performed when consumer understood the operation was a laparoscopy.
28 Feb 2000
97HDC9291Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Information prior to termination of pregnancy.
09 Feb 2000
97HDC7679General Practitioner
Care and treatment following a diagnosis of cellulitis.
31 Jan 2000
00HDC04055Pharmacy Technician/Pharmacist
Dispensing error - prednisone 20mg dispensed instead of prednisone 5mg.
19 Dec 2000
99HDC03994General Practitioner
Prescription of oral contraceptives.
23 Aug 2000
98HDC15681General Practitioner
Diagnosis of child with meningitis.
25 Jul 2000
99HDC02057Rest Home
Care of rest home resident and communication with family.
29 Jun 2000
99HDC01000General Practitioner
Co-ordination of care.
30 Jun 2000
98HDC20078Hospital (Public)/Physician/Nurse
Resolution of complaint in relation to health research.
03 Jul 2000

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