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Case No.DescriptionDate
10HDC00420Caregiver/Disability Services Provider
Provision of care to intellectually impaired woman in residential care.
19 Dec 2012
11HDC00871General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Informed consent and adequacy of care.
11 Dec 2012
Sexual relationship with a patient.
26 Nov 2012
10HDC00158Hospital (Private)/Orthopaedic Surgeon/Nurse
Assessment, monitoring and documentation of a postoperative spinal surgery patient’s deteriorating neurological status.
14 Nov 2012
Care of patient by community mental health services.
01 Oct 2012
Administration of incorrect medication and failure to report the error.
20 Sep 2012
10HDC00703DHB/Hospital (Public)
Delay in diagnosis of metastatic bone disease.
11 Sep 2012
09HDC01565DHB/Hospital (Public)/Neurosurgeon
Informed consent and postoperative care of a patient undergoing neurosurgery.
05 Sep 2012
09HDC02089DHB/Hospital (Public)/Physician
Management of weekend hospital admission.
04 Jul 2012
10HDC00308Rest Home/Nurse
Rest home admission assessment and care.
29 Jun 2012
10HDC00454General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Delay in referral of patient with symptoms suspicious of cauda equina syndrome to specialist services.
29 Jun 2012
10HDC00970Natural Health Practitioner
Treatment of woman with cancer by natural therapist/iridologist.
29 Jun 2012
10HDC00986Medical Practitioner
Use of unapproved medication to perform dermal filling procedure.
29 Jun 2012
09HDC02146DHB/Hospital (Public)/Nurse
Nursing care provided following heart attack.
28 Jun 2012
Information, consent and standard of dental care.
26 Jun 2012
10HDC00356Disability Services Provider
Meeting the needs of an intellectually impaired child in a residential respite care home.
25 Jun 2012
09HDC01641Nurse/Rest Home
Care, co-operation, and communication in a rest home.
21 Jun 2012
09HDC01974Nurse/Rest Home
Addressing the deteriorating condition of a rest home resident.
21 Jun 2012
Management of cardiology referral between DHBs
15 Jun 2012
10HDC00753General Practitioner
Inappropriate prescribing and inadequate assessment of patient with suspected gastrointestinal bleeding.
15 Jun 2012
10HDC00974General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Care and treatment of a woman with ongoing bowel symptoms.
15 Jun 2012
09HDC00905, 09HDC01077, 09HDC01082, 09HDC01540Clinic/General Practitioner
Treatment of patients experiencing sexual dysfunction.
11 Jun 2012
Care of patient with an intellectual disability and mental health issues
08 Jun 2012
Provision of antenatal care, labour care, and post-partum support.
21 May 2012
10HDC00540General Practitioner/Pathologist
Care following melanoma diagnosis.
23 Apr 2012
10HDC01419General Practitioner
Management of abnormal test result.
05 Apr 2012
09HDC02110Rest Home/Nurse
Standard of care in a rest home.
02 Mar 2012
10HDC00610Medical Officer
Missed diagnosis of lung cancer.
29 Feb 2012
10HDC00509Plastic Surgeon
Informed consent for plastic surgery.
27 Feb 2012
09HDC01581Hospital (Public)/Midwife/Obstetrician/DHB
Antenatal care of woman carrying fetus small for dates.
31 Jan 2012
09HDC01592Obstetric Registrar/Midwife
Care provided during labour to patient with large baby.
31 Jan 2012
09HDC02159Rest Home/Hospital (Private)
Monitoring of respite rest home patient.
27 Jan 2012

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