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Case No.DescriptionDate
13HDC00917Nurse/Medical Centre
Re-use of needle for injection, and communication of error.
04 Jun 2014
13HDC00172Massage Therapist
Informed consent prior to examination and referral to another practitioner.
12 Jun 2014
Failure to recognise deterioration in elderly patient.
19 May 2014
13HDC00059General Practitioner
Inappropriate care by general practitioner.
06 Jun 2014
Advice by midwife during pregnancy.
26 May 2014
Management of suspected ectopic pregnancy.
30 May 2014
Midwifery care provided to young mother.
21 May 2014
12HDC01062Accident and Medical Centre
Identification of penicillin allergy prior to prescribing medication.
30 May 2014
13HDC00048General Practitioner
Monitoring of lithium treatment.
14 Apr 2014
12HDC00846Obstetrician/DHB/Hospital (Public)
Care provided to a high risk woman during labour.
17 Apr 2014

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