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Case No.DescriptionDate
Delayed antibiotics for patient with sepsis.
29 Jun 2015
Double error dispensing insulin.
19 Jun 2015
Delay in surgery.
15 Jun 2015
13HDC00853Prison Health Care
Administration and documentation of medication to prison inmate.
26 Jun 2015
14HDC00307DHB/Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Consent for surgery obtained while on operating table.
15 Jun 2015
13HDC00207Prison Health Care
Care of prisoner with complex health needs.
26 Jun 2015
14HDC00054General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Spinal accessory nerve severed by GP.
15 Jun 2015
13HDC00405Rest Home/Clinical Nurse Leader/Nurse
Palliative care provided in a rest home.
26 Jun 2015
13HDC00966Alternative Therapist/Clinic
Monitoring of patient following administration of an unapproved, prescription-only medication.
16 Jun 2015
13HDC01655Disability Services Provider/Caregiver
Inappropriate restraint in residential facility.
19 Jun 2015

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