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Case No.DescriptionDate
12HDC01019Ambulance Service/DHB
Discharge from ED without adequate information.
12 Jun 2014
12HDC01454Beauty Therapist
IPL skin rejuvenation treatment.
12 Jun 2014
12HDC01133DHB/Hospital (Public)
Failure to review post operative chest X-ray.
19 Jun 2014
11HDC01197Nurse/Rest Home
Care provided to elderly rest home resident.
20 Jun 2014
12HDC01091Rest Home
Response to deteriorating rest home resident.
13 Jun 2014
13HDC00164Disability Services Provider
Failure of disability services provider to arrange appropriate care over holiday period.
10 Jun 2014
12HDC01291General Practitioner
Identification of cauda equina syndrome.
16 Jun 2014
Failure to follow up chest X-ray result.
26 Jun 2014
13HDC00203Dentist/Dental Service
Dental treatment for replacement crowns.
11 Jun 2014
13HDC00599General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Follow-up of test results and appropriate referral.
16 Jun 2014

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