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Case No.DescriptionDate
15HDC01402Dentist/Dental Service
Extraction of incorrect tooth during dental procedure.
23 May 2016
15HDC00484General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Failure to read and convey information in histology report.
04 May 2016
15HDC00100DHB/Emergency Department Consultant
Prescription of medication to patient with an allergy.
07 Apr 2016
Midwife’s failure to identify and respond to developing pre-eclampsia.
18 Mar 2016
14HDC00607Caregiver/Nurse/Rehabilitation service
Medication checking error and management.
22 Mar 2016
13HDC01048Prison Health Care/Nurse
Failure to arrange medical review of prison inmate.
01 Mar 2016
14HDC00894General Practitioner
Follow-up of blood test results.
10 Feb 2016
Storage and return of patient’s own medication at public hospital.
10 Feb 2016
13HDC01676House Officer/General Physician/DHB
Use of tenecteplase for thrombolysis of stroke patient.
15 Feb 2016
13HDC00903General Practitioner/Medical Centre/DHB
Tracking of results and specialist referral.
15 Dec 2015

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