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Case No.DescriptionDate
11HDC00531General Surgeon/Anaesthetist
Care provided to surgical patient who refused blood.
30 Jun 2014
12HDC01403Rest Home/Nurse
Pain assessment and management of palliative care patient.
27 Jun 2014
Monitoring of patient with pneumonia; documentation of care.
27 Jun 2014
12HDC00571Rest Home/Nurse Manager/Nurse
Inadequate care of elderly rest home resident.
30 Jun 2014
12HDC00915Nurse/Rest Home
Implementation of care plan and documentation of patient non-compliance.
30 Jun 2014
12HDC00347Podiatric Surgeon
Information provided before administration of steroid injection.
20 Jun 2014
12HDC00550Dentist/Dental Service
Failure to provide treatment options for tooth replacement.
26 Jun 2014
Dispensing error – larger dose of warfarin.
23 Jun 2014
Inadequate anaesthesia during caesarean section.
30 Jun 2014
12HDC01533General Practitioner/Hospital (Public)/DHB
Monitoring of suspicious lesions by general practitioner.
30 Jun 2014

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