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Case No.DescriptionDate
Monitoring of fundal height during pregnancy.
20 May 2016
15HDC01116General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Delayed referral to hospital of young woman with diabetes.
27 Jun 2016
15HDC00420Rest Home
Failure to provide appropriate respite care in rest home.
15 Jun 2016
14HDC00547Prison Health Care
Management of referral for specialist assessment of prison inmate.
20 May 2016
14HDC01769Prison Health Care
Provision of health care to prison inmate.
15 Jun 2016
15HDC00677General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Follow-up of abnormal PSA test result; timely open disclosure.
19 May 2016
Prescription of psychotropic medication to partner.
13 May 2016
Assessment of woman during pregnancy and labour.
27 May 2016
15HDC01402Dentist/Dental Service
Extraction of incorrect tooth during dental procedure.
23 May 2016
15HDC00484General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Failure to read and convey information in histology report.
04 May 2016

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