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Case No.DescriptionDate
15HDC01415DHB/Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Consultant obstetrician’s failure to recognise CTG abnormalities and to take appropriate action.
13 Oct 2017
Misdiagnosis of a non-viable pregnancy.
13 Sep 2017
14HDC01571Residential Home/Rest Home/Nurse/General Practitioner/Health Care Assistant/DHB
Management of resident at residential care facility.
30 Jun 2017
16HDC00592Medical Centre/General Practitioner
Follow-up of abnormal PSA test results.
30 Jun 2017
Dispensing medication of incorrect strength.
27 Jun 2017
14HDC01215DHB/Orthopaedic Surgeon
Delay in orthopaedic surgery and inadequate post-operative care.
17 Aug 2017
Care provided to mentally unwell man.
23 Jun 2017
15HDC00309Radiologist/Radiology service/Sonographer/Midwife
Mistaken reporting of condition, and delay in specialist referral in twin pregnancy.
30 Jun 2017
15HDC01504Nurse/Emergency Medicine Practitioner/DHB
Patient admission to ED with signs of sepsis.
28 Jun 2017
15HDC00645Podiatric Surgeon/Medical Centre
Investigations prior to plantar fascia release surgery.
23 Jun 2017

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