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Case No.DescriptionDate
14HDC01205Medical Centre/Medical Practitioner
Care of woman with hand injury.
16 Dec 2016
14HDC00294DHB/General Surgeon/Anaesthetist/Medical Centre/General Practitioner
Management of a man with oesophageal cancer.
16 Dec 2016
15HDC01542DHB/Paediatric Registrar/Pharmacy/Pharmacist
Prescription and dispensing of an incorrect dose of medication to a child.
16 Dec 2016
15HDC01684Optometrist/Optometry Clinic
Failure to recognise dilated pupil examination indicated.
29 Nov 2016
14HDC00991Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Management of gynaecological patient.
28 Nov 2016
Psychiatric assessment of a young man.
20 Oct 2016
14HDC00919General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Follow-up of referral; appropriate examinations.
15 Aug 2016
14HDC01695Dentist/Dental Service
Provision of dental treatment.
13 Sep 2016
14HDC01030Medical Practitioner/Medical Centre
Failure to follow up abnormal cervical smear result.
29 Jun 2016
14HDC01066Radiologist/Radiology service
Lesion missed on X-ray.
05 Aug 2016

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