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Case No.DescriptionDate
13HDC01204Disability Services Provider/Caregiver
Provision of services to intellectually disabled man.
24 Feb 2015
12HDC01574DHB/Medical Laboratory
Open disclosure failure following biopsy swap.
11 Mar 2015
12HDC00690Medical Laboratory
Unnecessary mastectomy following biopsy swap.
03 Dec 2014
13HDC01237General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Investigations prior to discontinuing warfarin.
11 Feb 2015
12HDC01286Rest Home/Nurse
Wound care at rest home.
16 Jan 2015
13HDC00538Gastrointestinal Surgeon
Provision of insufficient information to obtain informed consent.
16 Dec 2014
13HDC00298Community Service Worker
Medication error by community support worker.
21 Jan 2015
13HDC00093Obstetric Registrar/Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Supervision of registrar during a labour and delivery.
17 Dec 2014
Medication dispensing error.
13 Jan 2015
Patient hospitalised after wrong medication dispensed.
19 Dec 2014

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