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Case No.DescriptionDate
13HDC00696Optometrist/Optometry Clinic
Assessment by optometrist.
12 Jun 2015
Assessment of woman in preterm labour.
12 Jun 2015
Informed consent for use of haloperidol.
23 Jun 2015
Complications following gallbladder removal.
18 Jun 2015
14HDC01100General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Prescription of an excessive dose of fentanyl patch.
03 Jun 2015
Care of elderly man following fall.
26 Jun 2015
13HDC00196Rest Home
End-of-life care provided to rest home resident.
11 Jun 2015
13HDC01307Massage Therapist
Information provided by massage therapist.
26 May 2015
Administration of drug to consumer with known allergy.
09 Jun 2015
Assessment of mental health patient found on floor.
02 Jun 2015

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