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Case No.DescriptionDate
13HDC00213Nurse/Anaesthetist/Hospital (Public)
Codeine overdose administered to child.
05 Jan 2015
Breach of sexual boundaries following a professional relationship.
12 Dec 2014
12HDC01041Nurse/Hospital (Public)
Methadone administration error.
02 Dec 2014
12HDC01582Counsellor/Residential Home
Services provided by residential addiction recovery facility.
18 Dec 2014
13HDC00015General Practitioner
Plan for follow-up of patient with depression; renewing a prescription without reviewing the patient.
01 Dec 2014
Inappropriate relationship with partner of a client.
11 Nov 2014
13HDC00594Obstetrician and Gynaecologist/DHB
IUCD inserted without consent.
21 Nov 2014
12HDC01608House Officer/Registrar/DHB
Inappropriate prescription of narcotic medication.
11 Nov 2014
Assessment and monitoring of elderly man with dementia.
04 Nov 2014
12HDC01229Rest Home
Wound management at aged care facility.
26 Sep 2014

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