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Case No.DescriptionDate
12HDC00953Nurse/DHB/Hospital (Public)
Nursing care of a patient with motor neurone disease.
24 Feb 2014
11HDC01318Medical Laboratory
Oral biopsy swap, leading to unnecessary surgery.
07 Mar 2014
12HDC00932Obstetric Registrar/DHB/Hospital (Public)
Care provided during labour to a woman with diabetes.
20 Feb 2014
11HDC01077Medical Officer/DHB/Hospital (Public)
Standard of care provided at an emergency department.
10 Mar 2014
11HDC00686Rest Home/Nurse
Care of a diabetic rest home resident.
14 Feb 2014
Failure to disclose and obtain informed consent by a dentist.
04 Feb 2014
11HDC00528Nurse/Rest Home
Diagnosis and treatment of elderly woman’s UTI.
17 Jan 2014
12HDC01011Sports Therapist
Inappropriate treatment by sports therapist.
16 Jan 2014
11HDC00532DHB/Hospital (Public)
Failure to undertake timely review of woman with hip pain.
13 Dec 2013
Care provided by specialist clinic.
16 Dec 2013

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