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Case No.DescriptionDate
Failure to follow up chest X-ray result.
26 Jun 2014
13HDC00203Dentist/Dental Service
Dental treatment for replacement crowns.
11 Jun 2014
13HDC00599General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Follow-up of test results and appropriate referral.
16 Jun 2014
13HDC00475Paediatric Oncologist/DHB/Hospital (Public)
Failure to provide information about fertility to young man prior to chemotherapy.
10 Jun 2014
12HDC01172Emergency Medicine Registrar/Nurse
Triage assessment of patient with reported exposure to meningitis; delays in treatment.
30 Jun 2014
12HDC00481Midwife/Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Monitoring and care during labour.
11 Jun 2014
Communication with and assessment of young pregnant woman; transfer of care to stand-in midwife.
24 Jun 2014
Dispensing error: tenoxicam instead of tamoxifen.
04 Jun 2014
11HDC00883Nurse/Rest Home
Care provided to elderly woman.
11 Jun 2014
Assessment and management of a woman during labour.
06 Jun 2014

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