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Case No.DescriptionDate
14HDC01695Dentist/Dental Service
Provision of dental treatment.
13 Sep 2016
14HDC01030Medical Practitioner/Medical Centre
Failure to follow up abnormal cervical smear result.
29 Jun 2016
14HDC01066Radiologist/Radiology service
Lesion missed on X-ray.
05 Aug 2016
15HDC00183Pharmacist/Pharmacy Technician/Pharmacy
Dispensing error to child.
22 Jun 2016
Dispensing error – incorrect strength of lithium carbonate.
23 Jun 2016
Use of outdated measurements during chemotherapy treatment.
12 Aug 2016
Care provided by chiropractor to woman with leg pain.
29 Jun 2016
Care of patient with a complex medical history.
30 Jun 2016
14HDC01005Rest Home/Nurse
Response to deteriorating skin condition.
20 Jun 2016
15HDC00196General Practitioner/Medical Centre
Management of medication for patient with complex health issues.
23 Jun 2016

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