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Case No.DescriptionDate
Failure to refer newborn for specialist review.
08 Dec 2015
14HDC00007Caregiver/Disability Services Provider
Care of a disabled person in a residential care home.
04 Dec 2015
14HDC01267Dentist/Dental Service
Dental cotton roll left in patient’s mouth.
12 Nov 2015
Failure to provide information, and inappropriate diagnosis of stroke in baby.
08 Nov 2015
13HDC01495Rest Home/Health Care Assistant
Physical abuse of elderly dementia resident.
02 Nov 2015
Dispensing error - duride dispensed instead of fluoxetine.
29 Oct 2015
Pharmacy dispensing and labelling errors.
26 Aug 2015
13HDC00926General Practitioner/Medical Centre/DHB
Management of gastroenterology referral.
26 Jun 2015
High paracetamol dose for frail patient.
23 Jun 2015
14HDC00385Clinical Psychologist
Relationship between clinical psychologist and offender.
02 Jul 2015

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