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Case No.DescriptionDate
13HDC00594Obstetrician and Gynaecologist/DHB
IUCD inserted without consent.
21 Nov 2014
12HDC01608House Officer/Registrar/DHB
Inappropriate prescription of narcotic medication.
11 Nov 2014
Assessment and monitoring of elderly man with dementia.
04 Nov 2014
12HDC01229Rest Home
Wound management at aged care facility.
26 Sep 2014
11HDC00531General Surgeon/Anaesthetist
Care provided to surgical patient who refused blood.
30 Jun 2014
12HDC01403Rest Home/Nurse
Pain assessment and management of palliative care patient.
27 Jun 2014
Monitoring of patient with pneumonia; documentation of care.
27 Jun 2014
12HDC00571Rest Home/Nurse Manager/Nurse
Inadequate care of elderly rest home resident.
30 Jun 2014
12HDC00915Nurse/Rest Home
Implementation of care plan and documentation of patient non-compliance.
30 Jun 2014
12HDC00347Podiatric Surgeon
Information provided before administration of steroid injection.
20 Jun 2014

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