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Case No.DescriptionDate
Misdiagnosis of a non-viable pregnancy.
13 Sep 2017
14HDC01215DHB/Orthopaedic Surgeon
Delay in orthopaedic surgery and inadequate post-operative care.
17 Aug 2017
Access to pain relief for addictions service client.
30 Jun 2017
15HDC01204Radiology service/Radiologist/DHB
Follow up of test results ordered in ED, and identification of lung mass.
30 Jun 2017
15HDC00309Radiologist/Radiology service/Sonographer/Midwife
Mistaken reporting of condition, and delay in specialist referral in twin pregnancy.
30 Jun 2017
16HDC00592Medical Centre/General Practitioner
Follow-up of abnormal PSA test results.
30 Jun 2017
14HDC01571Residential Home/Rest Home/Nurse/General Practitioner/Health Care Assistant/DHB
Management of resident at residential care facility.
30 Jun 2017
16HDC00439Mental Health Support Worker
Sexual relationship between support worker and mental health consumer.
29 Jun 2017
Inadequate coordination of mental health care.
29 Jun 2017
16HDC01138Medical Practitioner
Prescription of medication to partner.
29 Jun 2017

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