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Communication and test results

Published: JAN-2018

As has been discussed in previous articles, doctors owe patients a duty of care in handling patient test results, including advising patients of, and following up on, abnormal results. In this article we will consider two recent cases that consider whose responsibility it is to follow up test results. 

Whether harmed or not, patients have a right to know when errors are made

Published: OCT-2017
Medical errors do happen and, despite considerable efforts to develop systems to minimise the risk of such errors, they are unlikely to be entirely eliminated. 

Systems to support continuity of care

Published: SEP-2017
Robust systems are vital in general practice to ensure timely follow-up of test results and to ensure quality and continuity of care between the healthcare providers involved in a consumer's care.

Patient informed consent for treatment by trainees

Published: JUN-2017
It is important that consultant surgeons of the future are adequately trained, and an essential element of training is the opportunity to develop surgical skills by performing operations.