Background to the Health Passport

HDC works with District Health Boards (DHBs) throughout New Zealand to help people with disabilities access the Health Passport.

At the moment, HDC is working with Capital and Coast DHB’s Strategy, Innovation and Performance team to review the Health Passport. We are working with people with disabilities and people who provide health and disability services, to make the new Health Passport work for everybody.

The project on which HDC and Capital and Coast DHB are working will:

  • use feedback from people to refresh the Health Passport;
  • work with key health and disability service providers in Wellington to make sure that they are comfortable with using the Health Passport;
  • think about how the Health Passport could work with other e-health practices; and
  • get advice from people who know a lot about health and disability services about how the Health Passport could be changed.

Last reviewed February 2019