Senior Complaints Assessor

  • Medicolegal, quasi-judicial function
  • Legal (2+ years QPE) preferred
  • Strong written and analytical skills
  • Develop mentoring and leadership skills
  • Auckland based.

The Health and Disability Commissioner promotes and protects the rights of people using health and disability services, including resolving their complaints in a fair, timely and effective way. It’s important work, and it’s a busy place offering a vibrant and fulfilling work environment.

As a Senior Complaints Assessor, you will need resilience and empathy to deal with complex and sometimes emotional health complaints in a kind and professional manner. Your writing skills need to be first rate, along with your ability to coach and mentor staff to help them improve their own critical thinking and writing. You will need to review and understand complex medical documentation, responses and evidence so having a strong analytical mind is a must. This will support your assessment and analysis of  complaints to resolve them in a timely way, taking into consideration the needs of all parties involved and applying the principles of  natural justice.

Lastly, you need to have the drive to succeed, to meet team targets, and to assist the Health and Disability Commissioner to deliver fair, timely, and just decisions. Alumni of the Office have gone on to work at Crown Law, the Coroner’s office, medicolegal teams at top tier firms and in-house legal teams.

Download the position description here (110kb)

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