Health and Disability Commissioner supports progress towards establishing an Aged Care Commissioner

The Health and Disability Commissioner welcomes the Government’s announcement on progress towards establishing an Aged Care Commissioner.

“The creation of a dedicated Aged Care Commissioner is an excellent opportunity to elevate our work to promote and protect the rights of people receiving aged care services,” says Morag McDowell.

The Health and Disability Commissioner (HDC) is the independent watchdog for consumers’ rights in the health and disability sector.

The Aged Care Commissioner will be located within the HDC to provide greater oversight of aged care services and leadership in advocating for quality improvement across the sector.

“While there are multiple agencies that are responsible for ensuring the quality of services, the Aged Care Commissioner will act as a high profile focal point for monitoring and addressing quality and safety issues in health and disability services for older people,” says Morag McDowell.

“We look forward to engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to build our understanding of the key issues, concerns and priority areas for the role.”

HDC has begun advertising for applications, with work already underway to have the role and additional capacity to support it in place within the coming year.

“We’re hoping to hear from a diverse range of candidates with the leadership, communication and decision-making skills to drive improvement in the aged care sector,” says Morag McDowell.

“Ideally, they will also have a deep understanding of consumers’ experiences and knowledge of health and disability services for older people.”

Applications closed on 6 September 2021.