Your rights in different languages

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Your rights when using a health or disability service and how to make a complaint.

Arabic العربية (PDF, 331KB)​
Arabic العربية (Docx, 277KB)​

Burmese (PDF, 302KB)
Burmese (Docx, 276KB)

Chinese (Simplified) 繁體中文 (PDF, 216KB)
Chinese (Simplified) 繁體中文 (Docx, 277KB)​

Chinese (Traditional) 简体中文 (PDF, 221KB)
Chinese (Traditional) 简体中文 (Docx, 276KB)

Cook Islands Māori (PDF, 258KB)
​Cook Islands Māori (Docx, 281KB)


Fijian Vaka-viti (PDF, 262KB)
Fijian Vaka-viti (Docx, 282KB)​

Français (PDF, 269KB)
Français (Docx, 277KB)​

Hindi हिन्दी (PDF, 433KB)
Hindi हिन्दी (Docx, 279KB)​

Indonesian (PDF, 260KB)
Indonesian (Docx, 279KB)​

Japanese 日本語 (PDF, 217KB)
Japanese 日本語 (Docx, 277KB)​

Kiribati (PDF, 258KB)
Kiribati (Docx, 280KB)​

Korean 한국어 (PDF, 231KB)
Korean 한국어 (Docx, 280KB)

Melayu Malay (PDF, 265KB)
Melayu Malay (Docx, 279KB)​

Māori (PDF, 2MB)

NZ Sign Language

Niuean (PDF, 267KB)
Niuean (Docx, 279KB)​

Persian (PDF, 334KB)
Persian (Docx, 279KB)

Punjabi (PDF, 227KB)
Punjabi (Docx, 277KB)​

Rotuman (PDF, 275KB)
Rotuman (Docx, 280KB)

Sāmoan (PDF, 346KB)
Sāmoan (Docx, 279KB)​

Spanish (PDF, 174KB)
Spanish (Docx, 277KB)​

Thai ภาษาไทย (PDF, 229KB)
Thai ภาษาไทย (Docx, 277KB)​

Tokelauan (PDF, 320KB)
Tokelauan (Docx, 281KB)​

Tongan (PDF, 324KB)
Tongan (Docx, 281KB)​

Tuvaluan (PDF, 323KB)
Tuvaluan (Docx, 280KB)​

Urdu (PDF, 404KB)
Urdu (Docx, 277KB)​

Updated October 2021