The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights continues to apply to health and disability services at all Alert Levels. Health and disability services are focused on providing safe services during the pandemic.

We recognise this may be a time of concern for consumers and providers. HDC will address complaints in a flexible and proportionate manner, ensuring public health and safety risks are responded to while being mindful of pressures on providers due to COVID-19.

Contacting us to lodge a new complaint

You can make a complaint to HDC at all Alert Levels. We encourage you to submit your complaint online.

Documents can be lodged when making your complaint on our website, or by emailing

If you are unable to lodge a complaint on the website you can contact us on our enquiries line 0800 11 22 33 between 09h30am and 4h30pm, or call the independent nationwide Advocacy Service on 0800 555 050. Further information and live chat is available on the Advocacy Service’s website

Existing complaints

We are continuing to assess and investigate complaints.

If you are responding to a complaint, please note that HDC has transitioned to a fully electronic process. We would appreciate if you could continue to send all correspondence via email to

Reviewed 12 March 2021