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Time for action on medicine mistakes

Published: February 2019
Medication is the most common intervention in health care. Most New Zealanders who are prescribed, dispensed, and administered medication will receive safe and effective care. However, when medication errors do occur they have the potential to cause significant harm. It is therefore vital that the contributing factors are analysed, and that lessons are learned, preventative action taken, and systems strengthened to ensure that such errors do not occur again.

International Medical Graduates

Published: December 2018

It is a characteristic of all complex organisations that new people who join need effective  orientation and  induction processes, tailored to fit the organisation’s culture and the needs of the individual. 

Enduring Power of Attorney

Published: September 2018
With an aging population and a greater emphasis on doctors working in partnership with consumers, an understanding of enduring powers of attorney (EPOA) is important. Typically doctors will encounter EPOAs in two situations. In the first scenario, the doctor is asked to provide a medical certificate about a patient’s mental capacity in order to invoke or activate an EPOA. In the second scenario, a doctor will need to consider whether the patient has appointed an attorney and if so whether the EPOA has been activated as part of obtaining informed consent for treatment of an incompetent or potentially incompetent patient.