Accessibility is important to us. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any problems using this site, or if you have any comments or questions. You can email us on or visit the Contact section for more options.

Accessibility formats

Most of the educational material on this website is available in accessible formats (PDF, HTML or Word) and some material is also available in plain language and easy read.

Text size on the site

The site has been designed to display correctly when the text size is increased.

To increase the text size: Hold down the Ctrl key and tap the + key.

To decrease the text size: Hold down the Ctrl key and tap the – key.

If you have an older browser, you may need to do this differently: look under the browser ‘View’ menu (or similar) for ‘Zoom’ or ‘Increase text size’.

Search suggestions

There is a search field at the top of every page. When you type into it, a list of links to suggested pages will be displayed after the search — you can navigate this list with the Tab key, or press the Esc key to close it.


Using the TAB key allows you to navigate throughout all the sections on each page. The navigation of each section is done from left to right, top to bottom.

Reading and navigating a PDF

You need a PDF reader to view a PDF file online. There are a number of PDF readers you can use — a common one is Adobe Reader, which is available free of charge from the Adobe website.

When you open a PDF, you’ll see options on the toolbar and menu that enable you to use the document more efficiently. In Adobe Reader, these include:

Search for keywords: Press the ‘F’ key while holding down Ctrl. A panel will open to enable you to search the document for a keyword.

Scroll quickly through the pages: Click the arrow symbols on the toolbar to move back and forth through the pages.

Change the text size: Press your + or - keys to enlarge or reduce the text size. Alternatively, change the zoom percentage (for example, from 75% to 100%).

Copy text to paste into another document: Click on the Select Tool (arrow icon) on the toolbar — or find it in the Tools menu if it's not displayed on the toolbar. This changes the cursor to a vertical line. You'll then be able to copy and paste text from the PDF into a word processing document. Note: Please be aware of our copyright information.

PDF accessibility

The latest versions of Adobe Reader include features that make it easier for people with disabilities to read PDF files. To set these up, go to Edit > Accessibility > Set up.