My Health Passport

What is "My Health Passport"?

"My Health Passport” is a booklet that you can carry with you when you visit health and disability services. The booklet has information about how you want people to communicate with you and support you when you use health or disability services.

“My Health Passport” is not a tool to help doctors diagnose or monitor patients. It is not a substitute for a patient’s medical records.

In 2020 HDC worked collaboratively with the Strategy, Innovation and Performance Disability Responsiveness team of the three DHBs in the Lower North Island (Capital & Coast DHB, Hutt Valley DHB, and Wairarapa DHB) to review and update the earlier “Health Passport” booklet. The revised booklet and the new tri-fold brochure (express version) are titled “My Health Passport.”

Please note that the earlier versions of the “Health Passport” booklet are no longer available.

​​Click here if you would like to find out more about how My Health Passport started.

How do I get “My Health Passport”?

You can get “My Health Passport” in either A4 or A5 booklet formats or a tri-fold brochure (express version).

A revised guide booklet with word definitions and tips for completing “My Health Passport” is also available for download.

A “My Health Passport” booklet, the guide booklet, and the brochure can be downloaded in either Word or PDF formats. You can find these by clicking on the button below.

If you are an individual user of health or disability services, you can contact HDC and we will send you a “My Health Passport” booklet or brochure for free. If you are a service provider, you can order a “My Health Passport” booklet from our online shop. (There is a cost for this.)

Last reviewed November 2022