Disability services and consumers definitions

The Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994 describes what disability services are. It also describes who disability services consumers are. The wording used in the law is:

disability services includes goods, services and facilities —

  • Provided to people with disabilities for their care or support or to promote their independence; or
  • Provided for purposes related or incidental to the care or support of people with disabilities or to the promotion of the independence of such people.

disability services consumer means any person with a disability that —

  • Reduces that person’s ability to function independently; and
  • Means that the person is likely to need support for an indefinite period”

HDC can get complaints about disability services, and also complaints from people with disabilities who use health services. HDC cannot help you get compensation or a refund for services that you received.

There are other organisations in New Zealand that consider disability-related complaints. These are:

  • ACC
  • The Ombudsman
  • The Human Rights Commission
  • The Ministry of Health

Last reviewed December 2022