Aged Care team

The focus of this team is to advise on, champion and monitor the quality of care and health and disability services for older people. Alongside working on the early resolution of complaints, and improving the responsiveness and timeliness of complaint resolution, the aged-care team focuses on monitoring and reporting, and consultation and engagement to drive system changes and improvements necessary for the delivery of quality health care for older people whenever and wherever needed.

Led by the Aged Care Commissioner, the aged-care team works in the following roles:

  • Complaints assessor
  • Investigator
  • Nursing Advisor
  • Principal Advisor, Aged Care
  • Principal Advisor, Policy
  • Navigator
The team is supported in their work by the wider HDC team, drawing on specialists in the areas of communications, data and research, as well as cultural advisors to ensure that the needs of our older Māori and Pasifika people are catered for.