Review of the HDC Act and Code 2014

Health and Disability Commissioner Anthony Hill has completed the fourth review of the Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994 (the Act) and the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights (the Code). The Act requires the Commissioner to regularly review the Act and Code, consider whether any changes are necessary or desirable, and report the findings to the Minister of Health.

The Commissioner's report to the Minister is available to download.

Commissioner's report (PDF, 633kb)
Commissioner's report (Docx, 289kb).

The report was tabled by the Minister of Health in Parliament on 23 July 2014.


In early December 2013, the Commissioner published a document for public consultation. This outlined previous reviews, noted the proposed amendments that arose from the 2009 review that the Commissioner continued to support, and welcomed submissions on the Act and the Code and their general operation.

Copies of the consultation document were sent to a wide range of representative consumer and provider groups, and statutory agencies. A copy of the consultation document was posted on the Health and Disability Commissioner website.

The Commissioner's consultation document is available to download. 
Consultation document (PDF,925kb)
Consultation document (Docx,