Through making submissions, HDC advises on the need for legislative or other action to better protect the rights of people who use health or disability services. We also use insights gained from complaints to influence policies and practice across the sector.


Submission to Ministry of Health on transforming mental health law in Aotearoa New Zealand

GP referrals and access to hospital services

Medical Council Revised Statement on Telehealth

Midwifery Council Draft guide on documentation and record keeping

Ministry of Health draft Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Action Plan 2016-2020

Review of the Medical Council’s statements on Good prescribing practice and Prescribing drugs of abuse

Submissions on the Ministry of Health draft Pharmacy Action Plan 2015-2020

Informed Consent and Assisted Reproductive Technology: Proposed advice to the Minister of Health

College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand

Shared Electronic Health Records: The Management of Withheld Information in Today’s Health Care Environment

Cross-sectoral ethics committee arrangements for health and disability research

New Zealand Dental Association Code of Practice – Informed Consent

Consultation on NZNO Models of Care Policy Framework

PHARMAC’s Decision Criteria Proposal for Change

Medical Council review of Statement on Advertising

Possible alternatives to internship requirements for NZREX

Draft Periodic Report on the UN Convention against Torture

PHARMAC’s Decision Criteria Consultation Document

Consultation on standards and processes for recognition of vocational scopes of practice and accreditation of New Zealand vocational colleges

ACART Discussion Paper: Import and Export of Gametes and Embryos

MoH: Review of Health and Disability Services Standards

Pharmacy Council: Consultation on the Code of Ethics for Pharmacist Prescribers

Nursing Council of NZ: Submission on proposals for registered nurse prescribing

NZMA: Code of Ethics for the New Zealand Medical Profession

Nursing Council: Consultation on the scope of practice and qualifications for nurse practitioners

Medical Council’s review of Good Medical Practice

2012 Review of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003

Pharmacy Council: Review of the “Workplace Pressures in Pharmacy” booklet and discussion document

Dietitians Board: Submission to prescribe selected oral prescription only medicines as Designated Prescribers

New Zealand Audiological Society proposed new clause - Code of Ethics

Australian Medical Council: Review of the approved accreditation standards for medical schools

Ministry of Justice: Victims Reference Group question

Updated guidelines for health practitioners for antenatal screening and brochure

Nursing Council of NZ’s Draft Code of Conduct

Doctors and Financial Conflicts of Interests: Review of Standards (MCNZ)

Proposal to regulate Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Physiotherapy Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Dental Council’s Proposed Code of Practice on Advertising

Improvements to the New Zealand Cancer Registry

Proposal for a shared secretariat and office function for all health-related regulated authorities

Newborn Metabolic Screening Programme Policy Framework: Storage and use of blood spot samples

Discussion paper on self-regulation and registration under Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 in the counselling profession

Submission on Charter of Children’s and Young People’s Rights in Health Care Services in New Zealand

Proposals for amendments to Specified Dental Products Group Standards

Draft report on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Children’s and young people’s rights in health care settings

Human rights in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity

Consultation on changing recertification requirements for doctors registered in a general scope of practice

Law Commission – Review of official information legislation